Farmers for Five Years

I love this photo so much. Here is probably the exact moment when Dan and I realized there was a bit more asphalt on this property than we realized and what the heck were we going to do about it.

For me, it sums up the last five years so well. Dan and I looking at a problem and working to figure out how we go about solving it and then solving it in a way that adds value to everything else we want to do.

There’s this resilient commitment we have for innovating a way forward.

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A Future for Finca...?

A little over five (5) years ago we first set eyes on a vacant, overgrown, and unused property with large oak trees standing guard at the entrance that would become Finca Tres Robles. Two (2) years ago however while working to secure the site permanently, Harris County decided to purchased the land on which we farm, endangering the future of Finca. With support from vocal advocates, the County honored our previous lease agreement but that lease runs out at the end of 2019 and there is currently no agreement in place to extend our stay.

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