Market Supported Agriculture


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The Market Supported Agriculture (MSA) Program is a new take on a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. This program is designed for those wishing to make a commitment to support farmers, but would like more flexibility than our CSA Share offers.


A Flexible way to CSA …

Stop by our Farm Stand or Farmers Market stall to get your MSA card. Each member will receive a Market Supported Agriculture Card that can be used and accepted just like a credit card at any of our Market locations:

Finca Tres Robles Farm Stand


Wednesdays - 2:00PM - 7:00PM

Saturdays - 9:00AM - 1:00PM

257 N. Greenwood St.,
Houston, TX 77011


Urban Harvest Farmers Market


SATURDAYS - 8:00AM - 12:00 PM

2752 Buffalo Speedway,
Houston, TX 77098

Select a Commitment amount…

We offer four (4) different payment options for the Market Share Program. As the commitment amounts increase, the bonus contribution will increase as well. The full amount is loaded onto a MSA Card:


Market Supported Agriculture Pricing

Commitment Amount

Farm Contribution

Total Market Share


$5.00 (10%)



$10.00 (10%)



$22.50 (15%)*



$30.00 (15%)*


*The E-Card offers 10% Farm Contribution on these prices


Become a card carrying farm supporter!


Come to our Farm Stand or Farmers Market stall to get a physical MSA card

Save the plastic and Buy an electronic MSA Card that you can use the same way

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Community Makes a Farm Happen…


Your commitment through our MSA Program is a critical part of making the farm possible- not just to grow produce,but also hosting local schools for field trips, offering classes for the community and broader Houston area, facilitating our apprenticeship and internship programs, and utilizing our beautiful and bountiful space for a variety of unique and special events!

The Market Supported Agriculture (MSA) Card is accepted at any of our sales locations and can only be used for the purchase of produce and food items. All transactions are final. At no point can the MSA Card be refunded or exchanged for cash. Finca Tres Robles is not responsible for lost or misplaced MSA Cards. Lost Cards will not be replaced. You may add additional funds to your Market Supported Agriculture Card at your discretion.


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