Finca Tres Robles is Houston’s only private farm inside the 610 Loop, located in Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall. Here we are growing herbs, fruits and vegetables to be sold to individuals and families directly from our farm and at area farmers markets. we have been working to make it accessible and affordable to the immediate East End community as a way to begin to challenge the food system of the neighborhood, to build community, and to keep money here in our immediate, local economy


About more than food…

Agriculture is fundamentally about people, not plants. While food is central to the work we do, the farm has the capabilities to impact other important areas of health. As an organization, our focus is on developing farms and agricultural spaces that can provide critical health related services to communities that are need of basic infrastructure to support health.

Community Impact Agriculture

Healthcare costs continue to rise while health outcomes decline and to address these issues will require an entirely different approach to health. We focus on creating the most impact with our produce. Programs like our Pre-K Produce Program are designed to maximize the benefits of our produce and provide the most impact to the system. We estimate that 4 years of this program alone could save between $250k and $1.25 million in healthcare costs over the lifetime of the preschoolers.

Sustainability & Limited Resource Farming

Finca Tres Robles has been experimenting with a unique approach to farming in an urban environment and we believe in the power of its potential. We have been developing the concept of Limited Resource Farming which looks to establish systems using free available resources to build fertility, increase production, and lower initial and long-term expenditures.

Using the advantages of our location, such as access to organic wastes (woodchips, grass clippings, etc), recyclable materials, and roofs for water catchment, we are developing a way to farm not only better but cheaper which is a vital aspect in making this farm financially sustainable. We believe in farming’s potential to change communities and see our model as one that is applicable and replicable in other cities as well as parts of our own.