We are young farmers working to use agriculture to address our city’s food access and diet-related health issues and are in the fifth year of establishing Finca Tres Robles in Houston’s East End.


Know your Neighborhood Farmers…

On the farm, we really value the importance of hands-on learning and the long-term nature of learning through doing. Having personally experienced the struggle to find a space to explore our passion for agriculture in the Houston area, we want to ensure that our farm offers that opportunity to young people interested in and passionate about growing food for their communities. We are fortunate to have a wonderful and talented staff that make Finca such a unique and productive space in Houston.


Zay Gamez

Farm Manager


Cat Janda

Director of Education


Ryan Seymour

Farm Apprentice


Ceci Norman

Event Coordinator

About the Founders…

Finca Tres Robles was founded by native Houstonians and brothers Mark, Tommy, and Daniel Garcia-Prats as the first farming project under their business, Small Places LLC. Tommy has been farming for eight years working on and managing some of the most innovative farms around the country and world. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Daniel drives the business forward using his bachelors and masters in Mechanical Engineering and over three years experience in start-ups, manufacturing, and operations. Mark was in education for eight years as a teacher and then principal and is currently getting an MBA from the University of Houston in Commercial Real Estate. Together they create a dynamic team with the necessary skills to manage and develop an agricultural business that doesn't just produce food, but educates, fosters community, and remains on the forefront of innovation and localized economic development.


Tommy Garcia-Prats

Co-Founder, General Manager


Daniel Garcia-Prats

Co-Founder, Director of Operations


Mark Garcia-Prats

Co-Founder, Head of Development