Finca Tres Robles offers a variety of workshop topics, bringing in dynamic instructors with a wealth of experience in their field and personalities that reflect the tremendous character and culture that forms El Segundo Barrio.


These workshops focus on stepping back from the standard day-to-day stress of our lives to dedicate time to quieting ourselves, enjoying nature and the outdoors, and building stronger relationships around the sharing of good, fresh, healthy food. We partner with local professionals, artists, and small businesses to ensure these workshops are of the highest quality. Your participation is an investment in our community and local economy and we are very grateful for your contribution to our neighborhood.


Health Hath No Fury


Labor of love

Agriculture isn’t about plants; agriculture is fundamentally about a love of people. We grow food to feed people in our neighborhood to ensure they can live healthy lives. Farming is a labor of love and the experience of working outdoors alongside each other to support our community is one we take pride in sharing. Spend some time getting your hands dirty caring about your city.


Sky’s the limit

Lift your spirit to the heavens as you unburden the weights of stress through yoga on the farm. Led by experienced teachers, these yoga classes are designed to take you out of your standard routine to spend time outdoors quieting ourselves to the outside world. Join us for a day that will melt the stress away and rejuvenate you to conquer tomorrow. The sky’s the limit!


soul survivor

Health is more than the absence of disease. How we deal with stress and interact socially are vital parts of maintaining our wellbeing. This is an opportunity to focus on these intangible parts of health through fun, engaging activities that connect us to each other and to the natural environment. We’re stronger as teams and individuals when we invest in our health and relationships.

No Place Like Homemade


Field to fork

If you’ve never tasted it fresh, you’ve never tasted the real thing. Fresh produce has more flavor and nutrients meaning the longer it takes to go from field to fork, the lower the quality food you are eating. Come taste the difference with us as we harvest fresh ingredients together from our fields and learn from local chefs how to make the most of seasonal ingredients. Fresh is best!

Veg class 2.jpg

gut check

Come learn the ancient art of fermentation! It’s a way to preserve food, harvest probiotics, spread food cultures, and get creative with your food. In this workshop, we will cover the basics of the fermentation process, taste homemade ferments, and you will make and take home a mason jar of your first vegetable ferment. Your gut is already thanking you!


we all scream

There’s definitely nothing wrong with a little ice cream! Having fun and enjoying the sweet things in life is healthy too. Health can often be framed so negatively, so we want to offer a different approach that reminds you that being healthy is about more than fruits and vegetables. Join us on the farm as we celebrate that balance in health by learning to make some homemade ice cream.



Agricultural Artisans

Art and Ag share a unique trait – a profound influence on culture. Our food is a reflection of our identities and history in much the same way as art and in this workshop we facilitate these two worlds colliding. Spend time with a local artist on the farm crafting unique creations with your choice of cyanotypes, a form of photogram using wild shapes, or ink making from seasonal ingredients.


Historia del barrio

The Second Ward has served an important role in the history of Houston and we are very humbled to have been welcomed into this neighborhood. Join us for an artist led bike tour highlighting iconic murals and art pieces in the East End.  This is an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the rich history and culture that makes el Segundo Barrio a valuable heirloom in Houston.


Sip the harvest

The taste and flavors of Houston’s unique seasons can be enjoyed on your plate and in your cup. Many of our favorite drinks originate in the ground and are flavored by the bounty of the harvest. Join us on the farm to learn the art form of mixology and how to make and flavor cocktails utilizing local seasonal ingredients. Don’t just eat local, drink local!